Why Optiml?

Situations change, taxation rules change, opportunities arise, and life just happens. Having a dynamic plan makes sense of it all! 

Meet Jim

Canadian, Age Fifty
Annual Salary: $73,400.
RRSP: $118,200.
TFSA: $48,000.
Follows a generic plan

Meet Audrey

Canadian, Age Fifty
Annual Salary: $73,400.
RRSP: $118,200.
TFSA: $48,000.
Optiml™ dynamic planner

Windfall wisdom

Jim received a substantial promotion. He missed some key time-sensitive opportunities, including tax savings.

Audrey received a similar promotion. She was alerted to act on these opportunities, which included tax savings!

Unwritten rules

Too bad Jim is following an outdated plan and can't quickly update it to reflect this year's significant changes to taxation rules.

Audrey was alerted early enough to make meaningful plan adjustments using the new rules to her benefit.

When it rains it pours...

Jim was hit with a $20,000 bill for uninsured flood damage. His plan didn't account for that.

Audrey, in the same scenario, immediately consulted her Optiml™ tools to mitigate the loss into her longterm plan.

...twenty years later


Age Seventy
Overpaid $114,500 in taxes
Net Worth: $975,000.


Age Seventy
Saved $123,500 in taxes
Net Worth: $1,475,000.

DISCLAIMER: Jim and Audrey are composite characters based on Canadian averages for illustration purposes only. The conclusions noted are comparative assumptions using scenarios facilitated using Optiml™ intelligence related to financial optimization and tax planning.

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