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It’s rough out there. Imagine a tool that can help realize your retirement lifestyle and financial goals by knowing exactly when and how best to navigate the waters along the way. That’s Optiml™.

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Imagine a financial concierge which could provide on-demand insight regarding your CPP & OAS situation, new tax laws, changes to RRSP and TFSA rules, factor in salary changes, or even suggest course corrections to mitigate any unexpected life circumstances which could derail your financial plan. That's a powerful tool to have on your journey toward maximizing retirement goals while minimizing taxation. That's Optiml™.

Why Optiml?

A strategy for life

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, or suggesting investments (leave that to your trusted financial advisor), Optiml™ is a completely new way to create a highly personalized dynamic plan crafted to maximize your financial and retirement goals while minimizing your tax burden.

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Why we’re different

There’s nothing else exactly like Optiml™. Our key features set us apart from traditional financial tools. Take charge with a tax-efficient strategy to maximize your savings and support your ideal retirement lifestyle.


“Optiml makes financial planning a breeze. With its user-friendly interface, I simply plugged in my financial details and in a matter of minutes (or less!), it gave me customized and detailed scenarios for saving, spending, and optimizing my tax exposure. But the best thing about Optiml is the confidence and peace of mind it brings as I plan my financial future.”

– Gail Lethbridge


Our pricing model allows maximum flexibility, and creates value based on the potential benefits and tax savings you'll discover throughout your journey.


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