There’s nothing else exactly like Optiml™. Our key features set us apart from traditional financial tools.

Unlimited What-If Simulations

Optiml™ goes far beyond the typical 'one size fits all' planning strategy. Our platform give you the ability to run countless simulations based on your possible scenarios to craft a financial plan that's perfectly tailored to your unique goals and changing circumstances.

Virtual Assistant

Meet Eva, your intelligent chatbot companion. Whether navigating our platform, understanding financial terms, or seeking a rationale behind our recommendations, Eva is here. Answering questions in real-time, Eva ensures clarity to maximize features and simplify financial concepts, Eva empowers you to dive into financial planning confidently, knowing assistance is always available.

Strategic CPP and OAS Planning

Timing is everything when planning your optimal Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) strategy. Start too early or too late, and you could see a significant impact on your taxes. Optiml pinpoints the sweet spot to engage your benefits to reach predictable retirement goals.

Tax Savings Strategy

Transform your financial future with our deposit strategy that thinks ahead. By intelligently optimizing your contributions while factoring in year-over-year tax implications, Optiml™ helps to answer big questions like "Should I max out my RRSP?" and ensure every decision benefits your long-term wealth.

Withdrawal Timing

Optiml™ removes the guesswork from retirement planning. Our platform shows you precisely when and how much to withdraw from your RRSP, TFSA, and non-registered accounts. Take charge with a tax-efficient strategy to maximize your savings and support your ideal retirement lifestyle.

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